Our second Impact Warrior is Katherine Switz.

Switz is the CEO and Founder of The Stability Network. Founded in 2013, The Stability Network is a global coalition of professionals across multiple industries and disciplines who aim to tell their own stories of mental illness to redefine the mental health narrative.

Switz was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at twenty-nine years old. Upon going back to work, she was fearful that others would find out about her mental illness and she would end up being discriminated against by her coworkers. Living through fear and secrecy, Switz became concerned that if mental illness is not discussed openly it would keep individuals from getting the care they need. Ignited to replace this fear, she founded The Stability Network.

Friends and colleagues of Switz say, “She works tirelessly to bring those who have mental illness out of the shadows, empowering them to tell their stories and make them known”.

Today there are 120 leaders across 50 cities globally that are a part of The Stability Network, speaking out and informing those around them that individuals with mental illness are valued and capable of living successful lives. They work together to speak louder than the single story of mental illness; a story that perpetuates the belief that if one has mental illness their life will be deficient of what is “normal”.

A life of social good can be tiresome. For those like Switz who have committed their life to social good, she encourages them to stay in touch with their deeper goal and set limits in order to practice self-care.

In the end, Katherine Switz is a storyteller. She works daily to rewrite the story of mental illness, empowering the ending to be much more than fear and isolation, but a life lived to the fullest. She gives voice to the silenced and is inspiring us to do the same. We hope that her story of advocacy in this space will ignite a spark of advocacy in your own life like it has ours.

To learn more about, be a part of, or support The Stability Network, please visit www.thestabilitynetwork.org.