The New Year is the quintessential time to reflect and embark on new goals.

Sometimes we forget about the reflection part. Instead we focus on all the things we are going to change (less sugar, more exercise, less TV, more reading….), rather than simply first starting with what needs to stay the same.

In that spirit, PRPOSE is excited to share what we’ve learned works well for us that we are committed to keeping a priority in 2018 and beyond.

At our core, we remain steadfastly committed to the idea that doing good is good for business.

We will continue to invest in efforts to bring new voices and perspectives to the communications table to challenge the traditional agency model and enhance our ability to connect with more people.

We will continue to prove that transparency and trust are core values through our relationships with clients, vendors, and peers.

We will double down in our efforts to give back to our community with both time and treasure.

And now for some new decisions that will help us stay true to those priorities.

  • We are now a 100% woman-owned company! In an industry that some estimate is made up of anywhere from 60-80% women, still only 30% of PR firms are owned or managed by women. In other words, women do most of the work in PR but don’t make most of the money or represent most of the leadership.
  • We moved! We are now sharing space with one of the nation’s top creative advertising agencies, WONGDOODY, and look forward to continuing to build upon our past successful collaborations.
  • We’re hiring! PRPOSE is in search of a unicorn – starting immediately part time with the goal to transition to full time by the spring. Ready to get in on the next phase of a four-year success story? Check out the job description and drop us a line:

On a personal note, four years after launching my own practice I have never been more excited for its future. Building something from nothing is one of the most creative, challenging, amazing, terrifying, and beautiful things I can imagine. While there has certainly been a lot of hard work and unexpected ups and downs along the way, I take nothing for granted. To all who have always been in my corner, to my parents who gave me a childhood that enabled me to forge the resiliency and confidence required for this work, to the clients who have trusted me to shape and share their story, to my team that has helped fuel growth and creativity, and for all the wonderful teachers and mentors along the way. Thank you.

PRPOSE has big plans for 2018 and you are all a part of it.