Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

No one ever gets fired for hiring IBM. It’s a saying we hear often as consultants. And if IBM played football, they’d be the New England Patriots.

As a boutique PR agency we consult with companies of all sizes, and often find ourselves competing with big names for new business. We hear all the time from our clients that they feel pressured sometimes to go with the national brand agencies — as if hiring a smaller firm is a risk.

Tell that to Nick Foles.

The backup quarterback that caught a pass in the end zone to score a touchdown in the final moments of the first half of the Super Bowl.

The guy everyone thought couldn’t possibly pick up the mantle from Wentz after he was injured.

The Eagles managed to pull out a raucous win over the mega-giant of the NFL. The Patriots were outplayed and outcoached by a backup quarterback and a very unflashy football nerd from Ferndale, Washington who was coaching high school 9 years ago.

So for all you other small business owners out there, please take this to heart. You can ABSOLUTELY compete at any level you want and you can beat the big guys.

And to all those businesses and organizations looking to hire a new consultant — consider going with the firm that brings creativity, ingenuity, passion, and grit that can overcome the big agency’s biggest weakness: assuming they will win.

When you have the chance, hire the Eagles. #flyeaglesfly