We often hear about PR and Marketing or Advertising working together. But it is far too rare to have HR at the table on a regular basis.

That needs to change.

Employees are increasingly becoming a company’s best asset not only in terms of their talent, but in terms of their ability to represent and embody the brand of your company.

Gone are the days when HR is the happy face when you are being recruited and the disciplinarian when you join. HR is integral to internal communications, company culture, and a general sense of equity and fairness in the workplace when it comes to salaries and benefits.

In the age of Glassdoor and any number of “Best Places to Work” awards — the voice of the employee goes far beyond the random social engagements they may encounter when people ask them “where do you work?”

So imagine the power and possibility of integrating the skills of HR and their understanding of employees’ true needs at the earliest stage of mapping out a communications and marketing plan for a company. What if HR was thinking about how business and reputation objectives were manifested in the way employees received benefits or engaged with colleagues or the community?

If you don’t think stories about salaries and benefits can be a powerful brand motivator, think back to when Gravity payments increased minimum wage to $70,0000.

Or more recently, when Starbucks announced this week 100% pay equity across race and gender.

Those are just two small examples of where salaries and benefits became a way to talk about a company’s culture and values and elevate an organization to a leadership role. And HR is about so much more than just salaries and benefits.

Just think what could happen if we thought about having HR at the table to help integrate other similar ideas into the planning process.

Actually, don’t imagine it. Just do it.